Consumer Advice

In the current climate of austerity most people need to be careful about what they are spending money on. Quite often big differences can be made when one's approach towards spending and money saving is only slightly adjusted. In the UK a lot of educating has been done on this topic already, however, much more can still be achieved. Discussions are currently taking place about making financial education part of the school curriculum which would be a big step into the right direction for this country.

In other countries things are a bit different. People are either even harder to educate, competition around products is not as developed as in the UK or people have accepted their lifestyle of living on the plastic money. We are of the opinion that this needs addressing. People have been 'slaves' to the multinational companies and conglomerates for far too long and need to be pointed into the right direction of their rights as consumers and citizens in general. Unfortunately this is even more the case in some countries outside the UK than within. Our aim is to make people aware of their rights and of opportunities to save some of their hard earned cash.